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Thank you for becoming a member of Ashcroft Slough Society.  Your support is important!  

We will not be expecting you to be part of the executive team, provide help with membership drives, or help with trail work when that gets going. On the other hand there may be opportunities for members who do want to get more involved.  Volunteering is optional with no pressure.



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Thank you for your interest in Ashcroft Slough Society. You can join us in this worthwhile cause with a $5.00 annual membership payment.

Payment may be made via e-transfer using the button below.

You may also pay by cheque at the mailing address below if you wish.  If you are local and know any member of our executive team,  you may also pay them with cash or cheque and get a receipt.

In either case, please include your contact information including your name, phone number, address, and email.

To pay by e-transfer, please e-mail it to 

To pay by cheque, please use this mailing address:

Ashcroft Slough Society Treasurer via

PO Box 347

Ashcroft, BC

V0K 1A0

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